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Kast Hot Products
Product Photography
Photographic Reflector
Soft Box
Photographic Umbrella
Studio Equipment
DV Film Equipment
Background Stand
Studio Lighting
Studio Lighting Kit
Muslin Backgrounds
Digital Backgrounds
Collapsible Background
PVC Background
Camera Accessories
Flash Accessories
Lens Adapter Ring
Flash Speedlite
Lens Filter
Camera Bag
Tripod and Panhead
Studio Case
Digital Products
Photographic Dress
Gopro Accessories
Creative Novelties
Photography Props
DJI Accessories
Photo Album and Frame
Battery & Charger
Cleaning Products
Photo Processing Equipment
Underwater Photographic Equipment
Camera Rig Cage
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KAST (Kathay Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.) is a young and fast-developing company, registered in Hongkong in 2000. Our prototype is family-owned workshop. From early 1980s, we have engaged in manufacturing and trading photographic accessories, such as, Light Tent, Photographic Reflectors, Soft Box, Diffuser, Photographic Umbrellas, Backdrops etc.
At the beginning, we just focused on domestic market. Until 2001, after the e-business introduction, we are exploring our business to oversea market. Then our whole business has achieved dramatically improvement.
With years of growing, one hand, we uninterruptedly enhance the quality of our traditional photographic accessories; on the other hand, we are expanding our business to studio lighting equipment. 
KAST is our registered trademark. But meanwhile, we also welcome OEM orders. Actually we do are making OEM products for many world wide big name companies.
In the coming near future, we will further enhance our capability in improving quality, developing new products, and perfecting product design.  We completely stick to “Customer Value”, and commit ourselves to improve customer satisfaction interruptedly.
Our Mission:
1. Let people enjoy using our products              
2. Let us be proud of our products
3. Be professional and keep learning.
We believe:
1. Customer Resource is our first resource.
2. Happy Customer Experience is our real offer.
3. Customer Loyalty is our best achievement.
4. Family Value is our foundation stone

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Company Registration Business Registration Brand Registration

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